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                                                                    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Animal Abuse, Neglect, Control
Child Abuse
Child Custody
Conceal Carry Permits
Crime Reports
Domestic Abuse
Landlord Tennant Issues
Report a Crime
Restraining Orders
Sex Offender Information

Q.  How do I report animal abuse, neglect or control issues?

A. To report animal abuse or neglect, contact the Noel Marshal's Office at 417-475-3777.  To better understand what defines animal abuse or neglect, visit the Missouri Attorney General's website.

While some municipalities have animal restraint laws and animal shelters, there are no county animal control ordinances or animal control resources in McDonald County.  However, there are some State statutes that apply if you are having problems with stray dogs or cats, and they are threatening the life or well being of you or your animals.  Please refer to RSMo, Sections 273.010 -273.405 for guidance on your rights and responsibilities.

For regulations pertaining to the raising of dogs, cats, and livestock, contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture or USDA Animal Welfare.  The Missouri Attorney General's Office also has a Canine Cruelty Prevention Unit that gives detailed guidance on dogs raised in kennels.

For information concerning the proper disposal of dead animals, refer to the Dead Animal Disposal Law
RSMo, Section 269.020.  If you believe an animal has been improperly disposed of, call the Missouri Department of Agriculture at 573-751-3377 to report your concern.

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Q.  What should I do if I think a child is being abused?

A.  If you are witnessing an act of child abuse in progress, call 911 immediately!
Report your location and what you see happening.  Officers will respond to your call. 

If you have information regarding an act of child abuse or child neglect, please report what you have seen to the Missouri Child Abuse Hotline at 800-392-3738.

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Q. What can I do if my ex didn't show up with with my child for my scheduled visitation?

A.  The Marshal's Office is frequently requested to resolve or address child custody disputes.  Please be aware that there are limits to what an officer can do to resolve these issues.  Child custody issues typically come to light during weekend visitation.  This only makes things more complicated, since after 4:00 p.m on Friday, our courts are closed and judges and attorney have gone home. 

If one parent refuses, or fails to deliver a child for a visitation, the officer can take a report from the parent, but normally cannot take a child from one parent and give to the other without a court order specifically ordering him/her to do so.  With the courthouses closed, the officer does not have access to case files and other documents and is not able to research the issue, and determine if there are other filings or orders other than the documents presented to the officer.

If you are having a custody issue, please feel free to make a police report with your local law enforcement agency, and consult your attorney as soon as possible.  It may be necessary to file a Family Access Motion or other legal action through the civil court system.

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Q.  Do I need a permit to carry a gun concealed?

A.  In Missouri, anyone who can otherwise legally possess a firearm, can carry concealed without a permit.  However, it is important to note that other states don't recognize the rights of Missourians to carry a firearm concealed without a permit.  If you plan on carrying concealed out-of-state, you will want to take a conceal carry class and obtain your permit.  Remember that even with a conceal-carry permit, there are still places you can't carry concealed, such as a bank, school or government building.

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Q How can I get a copy of a crime report?

A. It may take a day or two for a report to be available to the public.  If at all possible, have your complaint number ready and then call the Marshal's Office at 417-475-3777 to request a copy of a report.

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Q.  What is domestic abuse, and what do I do if I am a victim of domestic abuse?

A.  State law defines abuse as assault, battery, coercion, harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and unlawful imprisonment. 

If you are a  victim of abuse, or believe you know someone who is, get help.  Please visit our Domestic Violence page for more information on what you can do to protect yourself and others.

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Q What can I do if I think I have been scammed or a victim of a fraud?

A.  If you are the victim of fraud, report it to the Marshal's Office immediately, providing as much information and documents as you can with your report.  If the transaction occurred through your bank or your credit card company, contact them immediately.  If you fear that your identity has been compromised, get a complete credit check on you, and anyone else in your household.  For guidance on how to protect yourself and recognize scams, visit our Frauds and Scams page.

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Q.  What are my rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant?

A.  The Missouri Attorney General's Office offers a thorough booklet on your Rights & Responsibilities as a tenant and landlord.

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Q.  How do I report a crime?

A.  If the crime is happening now, call 9-1-1 immediately.  If the crime has already occurred, call the Marshal's Office at 417-475-3777. 

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Q.  How do I get a Restraining Order/Order of Protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment, you may need an Order of Protection/Restraining Order. 

To apply for an Order of Protection you will need to go to the Circuit Clerk's office at the courthouse and ask for an application.  The application is short and requires specific information about you, the person who the Order is against, as well as what has happened to make you apply for the Order.

After the application is completed, the judge will review the application and decide whether to issue the Order or not.  It is very important to provide as much information as possible about all the places that the respondent (the person the order is against), can be found so that the Order can be served. 

After an Order is issued all incidents of stalking or harassment should be reported immediately to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where the incident took place.   

The Order is in effect for the duration that is specified in the Order, and is valid anywhere in the United States.  

It's important to note that most Orders of Protection allow some contact if the parties have children together.  The communications can only be regarding legitimate issues that have to do with the children.  It's also important to realize that a chance encounter such as meeting on the road, or in a store can happen.  As long as there is no offensive, harassing, or threatening communication, it may not be considered a violation of the Order.

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Q.  How do I find out if there are sex offenders in my area? 

A.  For information regarding sex offender registration requirements, locating sex offenders in your area, and notification of change of status of sex offenders, visit our Sex Offender page.

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Q.  How do I find out if I have a warrant, or someone I know has a warrant?

A.  If you know the whereabouts of someone with a warrant, call the Marshal's Office at 417-475-3777.

If you want to know if you, or someone else has a warrant, visit the Missouri Case Net webpage.

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