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Drug abuse is not a victimless crime.  Drugs fuel crimes such as theft and violence and they both directly, and indirectly, effect our community in many ways.  Through education and communication, we can have a major impact on the sales, use and manufacturing of illegal drugs, and can continue to make Noel a safer place.  An informed community with watchful eyes can be a powerful tool in the fight against illegal drugs. 

GET HELP:   Have a friend or loved one that has, or you believe has, a drug problem?

The CORE Program - provides comprehensive services including Misdemeanor and DUI probation, substance abuse education and traffic safety education and other services related to community safety and court ordered sanctions.

Ozark Center substane abuse and addition, Joplin, Missouri offering multiple treatment options

Ozark Center Crisis Intervention Services, 24/7 help line with trained mental health professionals for dealing with family members talking about suicide, psychiatric crisis, substance abuse, etc.

Lazarus Ministries Recovery Center in Joplin for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction
1102 W. 9th Street, Joplin, Missouri

BHG (Behavioral Health Group) - Opioid Addiction Treatment Center
2919 E. 4th Street, Joplin, Missouri

                                            WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP

BE INFORMED: Learn to recognize illegal drugs, their dangers, and the behaviors they cause

Growing Up Drug Free - A Parents Guide to Prevention
Meth Project - Detailed site covers meth use, side effects, and videos/photos of the results of meth use
Drug Free - Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery; very detailed and informative site
Club Drugs - information for parents

BE AWARE: Always be alert so you can observe suspicious activity or a criminal act

-  Watch for periods of high traffic from vehicles that arrive at a house and stay for unusually short periods of time

-  Chemical smells that come and go.  This doesn't necessarily mean that there is a drug lab present, but when
   combined with other suspicious activity it can indicate drug manufacturing. 

-  Drug manufacturing generates trash.  Look for burn piles of trash containing the following items: liquid drain cleaner,
   lithium battery packages, starter fluid containers, lye, or cold medicine boxes.

-  Observe the homes of those you suspect of drug use or manufacturing.  Do they stay awake for days at a time?  Do
   they make a living but do not work? 

-  Learn the physical characteristics displayed by those who use illegal drugs and what illegal drugs look like in the 
   Drug Guide

BE PROACTIVE: Officers can't be all places at all times.  You can be their eyes/ears to illegal drug activity  
-  Get tag numbers and the make and model of vehicles that come and go, including the home owners vehicles

-  Get detailed description of the people who live in the house as well as those who frequent the house

-  Document those who frequent the home; Keep a journal with dates, times, and duration of stay

-  Document the time and days of the week that are the busiest

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