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      Welcome to the Noel Marshal's Office Kid's Corner - a page just for you!

Here you can learn about what to do in an emergency, how to be safe, and connect to some fun sites just for kids. 

Calling for Help
Internet Safety
If There's a Fire
Stand Up to Bullies
Bus Stop Safety
Uh-Oh I'm Lost
Water Safety

Extreme Kids - art, science, fun for ages K - 12
FBI - for kids - games and safety tips

McGruff the Crime Dog - games, advice about being safe
Net Smartz Kids -activity pages for all ages


If there is an emergency you need to know how
child calling
to call for help.
Even grown ups aren't always sure what to do.  But you could save someone's life if you do two things:

                        STAY CALM & DIAL 9-1-1

1. When you call 9-1-1, they will ask you for your name and
    address and they will ask you what is wrong.

2. They may ask you several questions while they send help to
    you, so stay on the phone until they tell you it's ok to hang

3. You should ONLY call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.  If you dial 9-1-1 and
    then hang up, they will think something is wrong and they will send a police
    officer or deputy to your house to make sure you are ok.  If you accidently
    dial 9-1-1, stay on the line so that you can tell the operator that you dialed
    the wrong number. 

child on computer

The internet can be so much fun and you can find lots of cool stuff that can help you get an "A" on your homework.  But you have to be very careful if you enter chat rooms.  There are adults out there who do not tell the truth about who they are, or why they are online.  Sometimes adults pretend to be kids like you, and that's dangerous!

It's very important that you remember some rules for the internet, so that you stay safe:

1. The best way to stay safe, is to ask your parents when you can go online, and
    what sites you can visit.

2. Keep your identity secret.  NEVER tell anyone you meet on the internet your
    full name, where you live, where you go to school, your address, phone
    number, or share a picture of yourself.

3. If you ever get an e-mail or an instant message that scares you or makes you
    feel uncomfortable, do not respond.  Tell an adult right away!

4. If a new friend you meet online wants to meet you somewhere - STOP!  First
    talk to you parents or guardian.  If they approve, take your parents with you,
    and have your friend bring their parents when you meet. 

5.  Never open e-mails from people you don't know.  The message could contain
     a virus that could damage your computer.



What to do if you smell smoke, see flames, or hear a smoke alarm:               

1. Yell FIRE!  Crawl out of the house.  Staying low to the
    floor will help keep you from breathing so much smoke.

2. Run to a neighbor's house and ask them to call 9-1-1.
    NEVER call 9-1-1 from inside your house if it is on fire. 

3.  Never try to put out the fire yourself. 

If someone's clothes are on fire:

1. If YOUR clothes are on fire, STOP, DROP & ROLL

2. If your friends clothes catch on fire, don't let him or her run.  Yell "Stop,
    Drop, and Roll".

3. Once your friend is on the ground, you can use a rug, blanket, towel or other
    heavy cloth to help put out the flames on their clothes. 

4. Get help from a grown-up or call 9-1-1


Is another kid being mean to you, or do they take   
child bullies

your things without your permission? Does another kid pick on you all the time, push you around, or try to trip you?  This person may possibly be a bully.

A bully can be a boy or a girl, or it can be a group
of kids.  Sometimes they can make you feel scared
or embarrassed and maybe even sick.  

It doesn't matter if you are a kid, or an adult. 
Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect and each of us should feel safe. When you are getting bullied, it may seem like that person is really tough, but on the inside, they are really a coward.  There are some things that you can do if you are being bullied:

1. Walk away and ignore them.  Some bullies pick on you because they like
    seeing how you react.  If you don't react or get upset, then they get bored and
    lose interest in picking on you and sometimes go away.

2. Avoid going to areas where the bullies hang out.  Try taking a different route
    home from school or leaving at at different time.

3. Speak up and say loudly " Stop picking on me!"

4. Stay around friends.  Some bullies prefer to pick on kids when they're alone,
    and don't want to pick on you when other kids are around.  

5. Talk to an adult.  If you have tried to get the bully to stop and it hasn't
    helped, tell a parent or teacher or another adult.  There may be other kids
    that the bully is picking on, but they are too scared to ask for help.  If you
    speak up you could help yourself and other kids from being bullied.

6. If a bully has hurt you or is threatening to hurt you, tell someone
    immediately!  Find a teacher, principal, counselor, parent or another adult
    and let them know that you are in danger.


On the Way to the Bus:                                               
school bus

1. Be alert, avoid danger, arrive safely

2. Walk with a friend whenever possible

3. Stay out of the street/road.  Walk on a sidewalk or
    in the grass

4. If you must walk in the street, stay as close to the edge
    of the pavement as possible.

5. When crossing streets, cross only at corners, look both
    both ways first, and use crosswalks where marked.

Be Safe at the Bus Stop:

1. Don't push or shove because someone could get hurt

2. Stay on the curb or at the edge of your yard

3. Don't walk up to the bus until it comes to a stop

4. Be very careful when you walk up to the bus

5. If you can't see the bus driver, they can't see you

6. Always cross IN FRONT of the bus

7. As you get off the bus, walk away from the bus and stay away from the road
8. Always obey school bus rules

lost child

Every kid gets lost at least once.  Just ask your parents.  They
probably have a story they can tell you about when they got
lost when they were a kid.  It can happen so are looking at a toy or game and suddenly you turn around and Mom or Dad are gone!  What do you do?

1. Stay calm.  Your parents would never leave without you.

2. Call out your parent's name.  They may just be around the

3.  If you get lost in a store, look for someone who works in the store, and tell
    them you need help to find the grown up you came with.  A store employee
    usually wears a uniform or a name tag. 

4.  If you don't see a store employee, stand still.  The grown up you came with
    will be looking for you and they  can find you more easily if you are not
    wandering around.

5. If you get lost outside, STAND STILL.  If you move around from place to
    place, it will be very hard for a grown-up to find you.  If you stay in one
    place, someone will find you more quickly.  Most of all, remember to STAY

6.  If you go to an amusement park, be sure to talk to your parents and decide
    on a place to meet ahead of time, so if you get separated from your parents,
    you can go to that sot and wait for them. 


Swimming can be so much fun, but it's important that you understand
a few rules so that you can stay safe.                               
Child swimming

1. NEVER swim alone.  Always use the buddy system.  Even
    grown-ups that are good swimmers can get a leg cramp and
    have problems swimming and need help.

2. Make sure you have adult permission and supervision

3. Know where safety equipment, like life jackets, are located

4. Take swimming lessons so you can become a strong swimmer

5. If swimming around lakes, rivers, and creeks, watch for snakes

6. Don't swim if it is storming or you see lightening 

7. If someone is drowning, get help right away!  If there is a
    phone nearby, call 9-1-1.  DO NOT go into the water yourself.
    The person you are trying to save, could pull you under the water with them.

8. If there is no one else around and there isn't a phone, find something to throw to
    the person like a life vest, cushion, or a rope.

9. Never swim in a flooded area.  The water can be very dirty, and you don't know
    what kind of things might have floated there that you can't see.  Even if you have
    gone swimming at this location before, there could be objects there now that you
    could get cut on, or get caught on, and get hurt. 

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